1995 / LV


Art Academy of Latvia / Environmental Art / MA (2019-present)

Vilnius Academy of Arts / Graphic Arts / Exchange (2020)

Art Academy of Latvia / Environmental Art / BA (2015-2019)

AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design in Enschede, NL / Crossmedia design / Exchange (2018-2019)

Volos professional school, GR / Leonardo da Vinci exchange (2014)

Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School / Interior design (2011-2015)

Solo exhibitions

2020                "BREAK-me-DOWN-tomorrow" at, Plienciems, LV / curated by Tina Petersone

2019                  "I owned a tree" at Tankstation, Enschede, NL

2019                  "I grew up with dolphins in my garden" at Villa de Bank, Enschede, NL

2014                  "Getting to know" at Culture centre of Ugale, LV



2020                 "Therapy in session", as part of "Browsing through surfaces" virtual tour/exhibition, Vilnius, LT

2019                  "One day at the bar counter", Targale, LV

2018                  "Reload_Ritualat Tagamanent, Catalonia, ES

2018                  "I owned a tree" at Tagamanent, Catalonia, ES

2018                  "From irony to sincerity" with artist Lasity Last, AKI, NL

2018                  "Life suck$, but you are my home", Targale, LV



2021                  "Milky roots of Targale", in collaboration with local culinary club and amateur theater, Targale, LV 

2021                  "Riga's Highest Gallery", in collaboration with artist Arta Raituma, Riga, LV

2019                  "One day at the bar", re-opening of a bar, Targale, LV

2018                  "Not to bite back" public art, Targale, LV

2018                  Opening of What’s that smell gallery and a group exhibition "I really want to know where it’s coming from", at                                       Tagamanent, Catalonia, ES

Group exhibitions

2020                 "Hard Drive Of Lost Expressions" at PILOT Gallery, Riga, LV 

2020                 "Hard Drive Of Lost Expressions" at Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, LV 

2020                 “Physical Spaces: Virtual Connections”, virtual exhibition, based in Vilnius, LT / curated by Mary Marinopoulou

2020                 Udensgabali #6, Bad Video Art Festival selection at NOASS, Riga, LV 

2020                 "Distance Perceptions" online exhibition, based in Vilnius, LT 

2020                 "Browsing through surfaces", virtual tour/exhibition, Malunai 5, VDA, Vilnius, LT

2020                 SEB Scholarship exhibition "Agenda", virtual expo, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, LV

2020       , virtual event, based in Lisbon, PT

2020                 82nd LMA Carnival Utopia/Distopia - installation "Parallel civilisation / Department of Poetry", Riga, LV

2019                  Expo by JAUNmarka guest curator Solvita Krese / Gallery JAUNmarka, as part of JAUNmarka Art Market, LV

2019                  Ultra Low Fat Edition of the III International Bad Video Art Festival at Microbiennale of Horizontal Initiatives,                                     Moscow, RUS

2019                  "Academia" Art Academy of Latvia anniversary show, as part of Global Weirding and Ecological Nightmares:                                         Designing for an uncertain future workshop with Johanna Mehl, LV

2019                   Art Academy of Latvia graduate festival "Fresh meat for critique" at former faculty of Biology of University of                                     Latvia, Riga, LV

2019                   III Bad Video Art Festival at Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, RUS

2019                   "To Look. To See" at Art Academy of Latvia Riga, LV 

2018-2019       "The way through the Christmas tree" 9th festival of spatial objects/project "Personal Christmas", Riga, LV

2018                   "Anatomy&Beyond" at Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, LV

2018                   "Non-existent diagnosis" Creative quarter of Tallinas street, Riga, LV 

2018                   "The transformative power of fire and the furnace. Alchemy" at Telšai, LT

2017                    "#Logs'a''vai"  summer practice exhibition, Art Academy of Latvia, Rujiena, LV

2015                   "Space for dialogue" at Museum of Liepaja, LV

2014                   "ID: Time.Art" at Museum of Liepaja, LV


2020                 82nd LMA Carnival Utopia/Distopia decoration competition - Runner up for  installation "Parallel civilisation /                                     Department of Poetry"

2017                   Cabinet of Minister's diploma for WorldSkills 2017            

2017                   WorldSkills 2017 Abu Dhabi / Visual  merchandising / Medal of Excellence, UAE

2017                   Cabinet of Minister's diploma for EuroSkills 2016

2017                   Ministry of Culture Award for Excellence in EuroSkills 2016

2016                   EuroSkills 2016 Gothenburg / Visual  merchandising / Bronze medalist, SWE


2021                  "Riga's Highest Gallery" photo coverage in Arterritory website

2020        - LINDA VILKA, interview about solo exhibition "BREAK-me-DOWN-tomorrow", published in                                    JEZGA website 

2020                 JEZGA vol. 3, photo series "Not to bite back", LV / UK

2020                 "Arterritory for a better world" virtual colouring book project, Arterritory, LV

2019                   Update: Human. Nature zine, Art Research Lab, MPLab, LV

2019                   LMA100 / Art Academy of Latvia anniversary book, LV


2020                  Contributing designer for JEZGA vol.3, LV / UK

2020                  Art Director for "Beznosacijuma" short film, director: Beate Sneidere,  festival season 2020 -2022, UK / LV

Talks / workshops

2021                   Express course in visual merchandising and creative thinking, OVT, LV 

2019                   Targale – a place for uncultured culture, Show&Tell_Update: Human. Nature zine, Art Research Lab, MPLab, LV

2019                   Design conceptual thinking, LMMDV, LV

2018                   Visual merchandising and window display workshop, LMMDV, LV


2020                  Lecture course/workshop with artist  Marc Hulson from St. Martens college, hosted by LMA, LV

2020                  TAAT Workshop-performance: Space as Encounter, hosted  by VGUT and Rupert, Vilnius, LT

2019                   Cultural Atlas of Liepaja, Hosted by PhD Thuur Caris / Update: Human. Nature - New Media Art Week / Art                                     Research Lab, MPLab, LV

2019                   Global Weirding and Ecological Nightmares: Designing for an uncertain future with Johanna Mehl / LMA, LV

2019                   Future Art / Future Signs workshop with Andris Teikmanis and Aija Freimane / LMA, LV

2019                   Performance masterclass with Tine Louise Kortermand / MA Telpa, LV

2019                   Performance masterclass "Open session" with Anette Friedrich Johannessen and Jan-Egil Finne / MA Telpa, LV

2018                   Performance workshop with artist Harold Offeh / AKI LAB, NL

2018                   Workshop with Anika Franke, Jesse Strikwerda in Catalonia, ES

2018                   Contemporary Geographies. To Map Places, Experiences and Ideas, International Summer School by Latvian                                     Centre for Contemporary Art, Kuldiga, LV

2018                   CIRRUS express course "Ceramic shell bronze casting - The Transformative Power of Fire and the Furnace."                                      with David Snoo Wilson and Tom Railton, Telšai, LT

2018                   CIRRUS intensive workshop „Concepting Principles & New Designer Roles” with Bas Könning, Klaipeda, LT