BREAK-me-DOWN-tomorrow // 

         series 2020

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"A gallery where your worst breakdowns 

                                               become your best breakdowns."


Why hold your anger close to your heart?

Why quietly agree to everyone?

Is it easier?

So many questions and, in reality, so many

answers how to go by your day with this burden.

Have a breakdown, break in half or break upwards.

Let it out.

BREAK-me-DOWN-tomorrow /

mesh fabric, alkyd paint, 

400 x 570 cm 



Untitled Art /

from the series BREAK-me-DOWN-tomorrow 

     plastic film, spray paint, rope, fabric, yarn

                        220 x 200cm

Linda 33.jpg

Temporary Breakdown /

from the series BREAK-me-DOWN-tomorrow 

 tarp, alkyd & spray paint, permanent markers

220 x 200cm


"BREAK-me-DOWN-tomorrow" is a part of

 Boredom / Long Time , Plienciems 

curated by Tina Petersone



photography: Anna Rosova