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Embassy of Tārgale // 
           mixed multidisciplinary technique                                              project 2021



Parallel Idyll / Embassy of Targale is a project that seeks to discover new cultural places, while encouraging free artistic expression and environmental development. 


        Targale is the hometown of the author where due to some unforeseen events it already has gained a wide recognition as one of the main focal points of Latvian culture. In a place where everything revolves around the former kolhoz, mutual relations between the locals and idyllic outlook of life are highly honored. Therefore, it's not a surprise that Targale is declared as the center of the world and the Embassy of Targale is established in Riga. 


Embassy of Targale - information office, ambassador's cabinet, souvenir shop and a chance to receive in-depth familiarity with society and its parallel idyll reality, culture and territory - all in one. 


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