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One day at the bar //
         event 2019



Before area near dry cleaner’s became as the main “Drinking Center of Targale”, this title belonged to a local bar. With its closure in 2007, centre shifted. The current situation is clear, but what happened until 2007?

Event “One day at the bar” was created as 2in1: an re-opening and re-closing celebration. As a result, the unexpected revival of an already forgotten place evoked memories in the local community about “as it was then”, living on a tab, misunderstandings between russians and collective farmers, followed by questions about the next events organised by Tārgale PartyPlannerz and reflections on what does this again re-closed bar mean to history of Tārgale.




"The event of this decade" 

                                   / Dace, local yard keeper, 68

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