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We are Allowed to Get Tired  // 
curated by Tina Petersone


Riga's Smallest Gallery x K.K. fon Stricka Villa


The series "We Are Allowed to Get Tired" comprises 400,000 crystals, symbolizing the shift between physical and mental states during fatigue. Pre-made factory diamond painting kits, often tied to routine and cliché, are meticulously deconstructed, with every crystal becoming a tool for inner exploration. Each artwork plays a pivotal role in a step-by-step program centered on confession, acceptance, self-reflection, and genuine resolution of fatique.

The concept of spatial distance is significant, with the artist's 20-centimeter journey from crystal container to canvas,connoting the journey the artist regularly makes from Riga to her hometown, Tārgale.



Photos by  Ansis Starks                                                                 

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