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I grew up with dolphins in my garden II //

          video installation 2018


       I grew up with dolphins in my garden /

Dolphins who surround me every Wednesday, every full moon and every Pay day;

       Spending days by looking after my garden, enjoying mornings by sliding in the wet grass, wet with dew. I could enjoy it every day.

Every day,

except every Wednesdays, every Pay days and every night with a full moon

above my garden. On every full moon, every Pay day and every Wednesday it wasn’t

dew that soaked the grass. But dolphins didn’t care, they just kept rolling around till

they blacked out.

               My Doplhins.


2 channel video installation //

channel 1 - video of a 3D realistic artists head, based on brain scan diagnostics (04:59);

channel 2 - video from a usual day in the local town (00:40);



Telling a story about different scales of locality

and society around us, as well as discussing topics that usually are chosen on keeping by ourselves - daily routine, different scales of existence and the norm for everyone living there.

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