I'm an artist who explores memory and how our sense of surroundings affect us, how it changes the way we remember. By recollecting distant memories, leftovers from the past and combining them with momentarily emotions, I create stories that ache attention and deliberation. Stories, inspired by childhood, experiences and silent observations. Recollecting stories from myself and my families stand point, as a way to secretly express an unexpected longing after a place never longed after before. 

          As one of the main inspirations is a small parish Targale, near Ventspils, Latvia - a hometown close to heart, filled with opportunities to explore, interact and approach. A place where collecting, dissecting and arranging memories comes as naturally as passing local drunks near Dry-cleaner’s on a way to the only store in this area.

             Memory, surroundings

                         and how it affects us;

                                   leftovers from the past/